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Translators and Interpreters







Translation of ideas or idiomatic thoughts from one language to another. We work with TRADOS 2017, MEMO Q among others. Areas of service: legal, technical, medical, financial, international cooperation, among others.



Proofreading looks for misspellings, incorrect/missed punctuation, inconsistencies (textual and numerical), etc.

Editing, on the other hand, corrects issues at the core of writing like sentence construction and language clarity. A thorough editing will help improve the readability, clarity, and tone of the text.


It includes the detection and correction of misprints, punctuation errors, transcription or omission of characters, etc. It is an essential step to guarantee a quality text without errors.



Localisation means translating and also ensuring that the text is adapted both linguistically and culturally according to local conditions. This could involve adapting forms of address, register, date formats, sorting orders, addresses, images and so on.  We offer you the localisation of web pages, software, video games, documents, etc. 



In this modality, the interpreter translates the original discourse in real time.

On-site, remote (Zoom, Meet, Webex, teams, etc.), and hybrid interpreting.


In this modality, the interpreter waits until the speaker has finished speaking before translating their words into the target language.

On-site, remote (Zoom, teams, Meet, etc.), and hybrid interpreting.



In this modality, the interpreter is the "intermediary" between two people. Translate in real time what each one says. 


Dubbing: Process through which, after the recording of a film, television or radio production, the dialogues in the original language are replaced by others according to the destination of the products. This will allow the audiovisual material to be marketed internationally.


Subtitling: To put in writing the oral version of an audiovisual production or work. In order to achieve a quality result, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the culture of both languages, so that the translation perfectly reflects the expressions and linguistic turns of phrases of the original.



We prepare students to take the exam of the Ministry of Education. We reinforce form, style, and legal parameters in the sworn translation.



English and Spanish classes for foreigners. On-site and online. Preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, ELASH and other exams.


We are a multilingual communication company whose human capital is made up of professional and skilled translators and interpreters; the majority of us have more than 25 years of experience and are members of the American Translators Association (ATA), the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), and other organizations. We've been able to meet our clients' expectations because of how we work in terms of quality and customer service.


As intercultural mediators, we translate idiomatic thought rather than individual words or phrases. We travel to many venues and provide our services with loyalty, honesty, dependability, and precision. These are foundational pillars of who we are as individuals and as professionals.


Among other areas of expertise, we focus on legal, financial, accounting, technical, medical, and international cooperation. Our extensive portfolio consists of private, national, and large multinationals, national and non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, students, etc., enabling them to interact successfully from anywhere. Our competitive rates and willingness to go the extra mile for clients keep us on the market and in a state of permanent growth, improvement, and innovation.


In the teaching field, we have also taught translation, English, and Spanish to people from other countries, both in person and online.


                                                 "WE ARE AN INVISIBLE LINK BETWEEN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES".

Nuestra Historia


Translators and Interpreters with attitude and determination! "Words connecting worlds"


"Anyone can self-identify as a translator or interpreter, but only a select few become authentic cultural mediators." In this context, after years of preparation, study, and immersion in the fascinating world of letters and languages, and taking into account our existence in a completely globalized world, we had to legitimize our profession and elevate it to a higher level of intercultural adaptation. In this approach, we may be the actual cultural mediators, individuals who speak the language of your customer and whose communication goes beyond bilingualism. This would qualify us as translators and interpreters, as is often understood.



Portable Digital Transmitter

Williams Sound PPA T46


The portable transmitter PPA T46 has 17 available channels, 72-76 MHz.


Compatible with PPA R38 or PPA R37 receivers. Coverage of up to 150 feet from the public listener. Ideal for guided tours or business meetings, small groups.

Digital Receiver

Williams Sound FM PPA Select


Flexible. Easy to use. The FM PPA Select receiver offers easy-to-use channel selection via search button, with access to 17 pre-set broadband frequencies between 72 and 76 MHz.

Compatible with the following Williams Sound transmitters: PPA T46, PPA T45, PPA T45NET, PPA T27. Digitally synthesized for greater clarity and audio stability.


Headset Microphone for Performer

Williams Sound


The MIC 045 is a double-ear headset with a microphone with sound cancellation. Special for interpreters who use portable equipment, without console.


Williams Sound Hearing Aid


Hearing aid for the contour of the ear. Recommended for FM receivers. Excellent sound quality 32 ohms.

Interpreters Booths and Consoles

mb translations.png
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Headset Microphone for Performer

Williams Sound


The MIC 045 is a double-ear headset with a microphone with sound cancellation. Special for interpreters who use portable equipment, without console.

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mb translations.png


mb translations.png


Tel: +502 3057-0000

Address: Ensenada de San Isidro, Zona 16. Ciudad de Guatemala.

8 minutes distance from Cayalá and the American Embassy.

Branch i Zone 10.

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